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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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In Theaters: December 19, 2001

PG-13 | Action, Adventure, Drama | 2h 58m

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User rating: 4.66

Based on 102060 votes and 1213 reviews.

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User rating: March 3, 2006

I`m a late "Bloomer" to the LOTR Triology. My hubby introduced me to the movies and now I`m about half way through reading "The Return of the King". Like one fan said in their comments here, I too NEVER thought I`d EVER get into this kind of fantasy. Now, like yet another fan here put it I can NOT get ENOUGH of it!! I only watched "The Fellowship" over a year ago for the first time, then again just before this past Christmas. Since then, I started on the books (including "The Hobbit") AND have watched "The Fellowship" twice, "The Two Towers" twice and "The Return of the King" once--so far! I feel the second time coming on real soon now!

User rating: February 26, 2006

I thought it was awesome.Frodo is a total hunk,i would so date him.

User rating: January 20, 2006

WOW how anyone one can think this movie was horrible it was absolutly amazing I loved every minute of it. I`ve watched this movie a billion times and never get tired of it.

User rating: December 28, 2005

I really in enjoyed the movie, there was a lot of action in the movie.

User rating: October 18, 2005


User rating: October 1, 2005

By far the greatest trilogy to ever touch the earth!!!!!!!!!!

User rating: September 17, 2005


User rating: August 18, 2005

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is the Greatest movie ever made!

User rating: August 11, 2005

the begining of a timeless trilogy that puts star wars to shame! i cant seem to get enough of this movie. you almost feel like you are one of the charactors and that is a treat in itself.

User rating: August 10, 2005