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Kill Bill: Vol. 2

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In Theaters: April 16, 2004

R | Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller | 2h 16m

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User rating: 4.5

Based on 86120 votes and 153 reviews.

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User rating: December 29, 2005

This movie was crap. Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the same things keep showing up in his works? A little plot, a lot of pointless, unrealistic violence, and always burying someone alive (a.k.a. season finale of C.S.I. directed by Tarantino). The characters were shallow...don`t get me wrong, the acting by Uma Thurman was great considering what she had to work with. All in all, a waste of time.

User rating: July 18, 2005

this movie wasint as good as the first but it was still good

User rating: April 17, 2005

Crap. Typical Tarantino: plenty of pointless violence with just a touch of actual storyline. Why people like this guy`s movies so much I will never understand. Don`t get me started on his trying to take credit for movies like Hero either. The "Tarantino Presents..." BS. Give me a break. Kill Bill is just horrible, as are all his films. I`ll give him one thing: he`s consistent.

User rating: March 15, 2005

kill bill vol.2 is truely thrilling! Very well written!

User rating: February 6, 2005

This movie is the greatest!!! Absoulutly loved it. Uma did a great job acting in both movies. Keep up to god work.

User rating: November 22, 2004

Kill Bill Vol. 2 was absolutely horrible. The acting was by far the worst part of the movie, especially Bill. The characters were portrayed a little too elaborate, and there wasn`t enough dialogue for the first 50 minutes - just stupid slow motion and `music` scenes where nothing significant happens. I felt that Tarantino could have put a little more effort into this project. It had potential, but in the end failed. Don;t waist you;re money. I`ll never have those 2 hours back.

User rating: October 27, 2004

Tarantino may be creative but Kill Bill vol.2 was horrible. SLOW AND BO-RING!!!!! (very stupid too)

User rating: October 4, 2004

Quentin Tarantino is a genius

User rating: October 1, 2004

kill bill vol.2 is the best movie so far of 2004

User rating: September 19, 2004

it cannot get any worse then this! what has the movie industry come to!! I have never seen a worst movie!!