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Everything Everywhere All At Once

User rating: 3.29 137 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: March 25, 2022

On DVD/Blu-ray: July 5, 2022

R | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Sci-Fi | 2h 12m

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User rating: 3.29

Based on 404 votes and 137 reviews.

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User rating: May 29, 2024

Biggest time waster.

User rating: April 18, 2024

Fantastic film. Huge in scope but thought through to the last detail. Even just the way they incorporated different aspect ratios to enhance story telling. Just so impressive and truly universal. Not sure why people who didn't finish the movie feel entitled to share their irrelevant opinions. You can dislike a movie you didn't give a chance but maybe keep that embarrassing opinion to yourself.

User rating: January 22, 2024

Somewhat weird movie but great in a way, a philosophical drama fantasy comedy I guess. Both a mother-daughter and wife-husband story with a lot of action (occasionally a bit overdone). I’m still wondering about the greater meaning of the Nothing Bagel. Enjoyable overall!

User rating: August 2, 2023

Seen it three times now, and it’s getting better every time I watch it. Ok, it seems frequently silly, but funny in a lot of ways, and then has its very philosophical moments. I’m left with a good fuzzy feeling at the end, even though apparently still not understanding everything in its entirety (except that you should stay clear of the nothing bagel and google eyes). Just enjoy and don’t overthink it.

User rating: July 22, 2023

Nothing is wrong with people who like this movie. Yes, it’s silly and chaotic at times, but then also deeply philosophical, a hilarious comedy, and frequently just an action movie. There is quite a bit of family values along with the usual conflicts, and the what-ifs of what would have happened if we had chosen a different path at any time of our lives, with each decision spawning a new universe (ok, now it’s getting mind-boggling). Jamie Lee Curtis is perfect as the grumpy IRS agent, and I was thrilled to see Shorty again on the big screen. Great effects and editing. So, just open your mind and you may enjoy it!

User rating: July 16, 2023

Terrible movie don't know what wrong with people liking this crap. The script was all over the place. Goes to a hotdog finger reality, blow up a man head into confetti, Fight and killed with dildos. This was retarded mess. It pained me to watch it. It should have been Everything everywhere but on my TV. No stars

User rating: July 6, 2023

Worst movie ever. Cannot understand why it won awards??? Stopped after 30 min. Its really puzzling that people like this....

User rating: June 23, 2023

Ok, so a bit too long and a bit too chaotic, but I loved the symbolism of the different universes and acting. It just was a pleasure to watch. You will never look at your breakfast bagel the same way s before. 😎

User rating: May 5, 2023

This is a big, eye-popping movie that you need to see on a big screen. There is humor, but also surprising depth. Pay attention to the family issues at the beginning, and notice how the movie ends, and it will all make beautiful and maybe even life-changing sense.

User rating: April 19, 2023

The worst movie I have ever seen. I don't recommend. Don't waste your money and time. For the first time in my life I left the theater 1 hour after the movie started. Horrible.