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Cats & Dogs

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In Theaters: July 4, 2001

PG | Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family | 1h 27m

Cats & Dogs

In this world, unbeknownst to man, there is a war brewing between cats and dogs. The cats plan to destroy a new vaccine, that if developed, would destroy all human allergies to dogs. A young pup (Maguire) must guard the vaccine with the help of a wise old dog (Sarandon), a large friendly dog (Duncan) and a small dog (Pantoliano) who is the electronics expert.

Cast: Alec Baldwin, Tobey Maguire, Jeff Goldblum, Susan Sarandon, Elizabeth Perkins, Michael Clarke Duncan, Joe Pantoliano, Alexander Pollock, Sean Hayes
Director: Lawrence Guterman
Studio: Warner Bros.
Producer(s): Andrew Lazar, Warren Zide, Craig Perry, Christopher DeFaria
Writer(s): Glenn Ficarra, John Requa
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