Tobey Maguire

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Date of Birth: June 27, 1975

This Californian native originally wanted to be a chef, but turned to acting after his mother encouraged him to take drama classes in high school.

One of Tobey's first big breaks was landing the lead role in the short lived sitcom Great Scott! when he was 17. He then took a big step and landed a small part in the critically acclaimed This Boy's Life (1993), which launched the career of his good friend—Leonardo DiCaprio.

After years of small roles that got him nowhere, Tobey was finally cast in movies where he could be his awkward self, and they worked. He grabbed everyone's attention in The Ice Storm (1997), Deconstructing Harry (1997) and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998), as well as widened his scope in his ability to act.

In 1998, he got free publicity when he and Leonardo sued R.D. Robb for trying to release Don's Plum (2001), an independent film that dealt with "uncomfortable topics," and was never meant to be released. The scandal served to put Tobey Maguire in the headlines, and it also linked him with DiCaprio for his multitude of fans.

Maguire's first starring role was in 1998's Pleasantville (1998), starring opposite Reese Witherspoon. He went on to star in the award-winning Cider House Rules (1999), but his biggest hit to date came with Spider-Man (2002), a blockbuster that earned an astounding $815 million at the box office worldwide. He then played real-life jockey Red Pollard in the critically-acclaimed true story Seabiscuit (2003) before reprising the role of Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2 (2004). He appeared alongside his close friend, Leonardo DiCaprio, in The Great Gatsby and made a brief appearance in Labor Day (2014) as Kate Winslet's adult son. He then starred in Pawn Sacrifice (2015).

His latest credit is the animated comedy The Boss Baby (2017), which also features the voices of Alec Baldwin and Lisa Kudrow.

When not on location, Maguire, a vegetarian who enjoys yoga, chess and poker, lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Jennifer Meyer. They have a daughter and a son together.


The Boss Baby (2017)
Pawn Sacrifice (2015)
Labor Day (2014)
The Great Gatsby (2013)
The Details (2011)
Brothers (2009)
Spider-Man 3 (2007)
The Good German (2006)
Tokyo Suckerpunch (2006)
Spider-Man 2 (2004)
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Spider-Man (2002)
Cats & Dogs (2001)
Wonder Boys (2000)
Don's Plum (2001)
The Cider House Rules (1999)
Ride with the Devil (1999)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
Pleasantville (1998)
Deconstructing Harry (1997)
The Ice Storm (1997)
Joyride (1996)
Empire Records (1995) (uncredited) (scenes deleted)
Duke of Groove (1995)
Revenge of the Red Baron (1994)
S.F.W. (1994)
This Boy's Life (1993)