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In Theaters: February 2, 2024

PG-13 | Action, Thriller | 2h 19m

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User rating: 3.49

Based on 148 votes and 46 reviews.

  • User rating: 62 44.93%
  • User rating: 24 17.39%
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  • User rating: 38 27.54%

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User rating: February 7, 2024

I actually didn't figure this one out right from the beginning and had some laughs along the way.

User rating: February 7, 2024

Fun, funny and not predictable.

User rating: February 7, 2024

Some over the top fight scenes.

User rating: February 6, 2024

Didn't really have a plot to follow. Easily tired of the outlandish fight scenes and dance/fight scenes. Maybe it was supposed to be a comedy instead of action spy movie, but not very funny either.

User rating: February 6, 2024


User rating: February 6, 2024

The stars only do cameos maybe 10 minutes each. They are audience draw or eye candy , the plot is terrible and it is so outlandish it might be considered a comedy.

User rating: February 6, 2024

PG violence , dull, no money spent on production , just has a low rent vibe , Henry , looks like vanilla ice and Jim carry had a baby ,zero chemistry , contrived , pretentious plot test , painfully long , and Chastens fake drawn on breasts at the end scene ,is off putting , and so should the lead, off pudding . Sexy not . 17.00 dollars IMAX , Robbed

User rating: February 5, 2024

Don't waist your money!

User rating: February 4, 2024

Not a bad time waster. Lots of plot twists to keep it interesting. Go see it you won't be disappointed

User rating: February 4, 2024

Momma would say, "That's dumb and stupid." But that's the beauty of it! It's sooooo dumb it's amusing. I don't appreciate cat abuse but it's alive after all that happens. The best scene is well oiled. Go see it and then slap yourself silly. Samuel L Jackson is wasted but he does bring to mind "Snakes On A Plane." 😝