Once Upon a Time in Venice Movie Poster

Once Upon a Time in Venice

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In Theaters: June 16, 2017

On DVD/Blu-ray: August 15, 2017

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller

Once Upon a Time in Venice - Official Trailer


In the official trailer for Once Upon a Time in Venice, we see private investigator Steve Ford (Bruce Willis) telling his friend Dave (John Goodman) he's going to steal drugs back for some gangsters that stole his dog, Buddy. Armed and annoyed, Steve enlists Dave and his assistant John's (Thomas Middleditch) help and follows the trail to a drug dealer named Spider (Jason Momoa). Spider says he'll give the dog back if Steve gets him the cocaine stolen from him by Lupe (Stephanie Sigman). One crazy ride filled with gun battles and fist fights ensues as we see how far Steve will go to be reunited with his best friend. 

Uploaded: May 2, 2017