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In Theaters: October 2, 2009

R | Comedy, Horror | 1h 28m

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User rating: 4.08

Based on 470 votes and 85 reviews.

  • User rating: 153 65.95%
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User rating: June 30, 2011

loved this movie. we watched in school. some of my friends were running out of the room and saying that they are not gonna watch this movie again because it is 2 scary. but i thought the movie was the best horror movie i ever watched.

User rating: July 28, 2010

This movie was everything I expected it to be. Despite a really rather frighteneing opening sequence showing a series of slow-motion zombie attacks, this movie is a very clever comedy. In fact, it's also very loyal to zombie mythology and physiology (if you could say that) with the exception of the presence of running zombies. I think that this post-apocalyptic zombie world is one of the best ones I have ever seen - perhaps because it reminds me of World War Z - and I really enjoyed the characters as well. The lack of names for the characters I kind of found refreshing, and for some reason, I found Columbus' organization and survival tactics very endearing. I'd probably become like him in a

User rating: July 6, 2010

This movie was a laugh...I love Jessie Eisenberg....

User rating: June 3, 2010

For some reason I thought this movie was a bit boring and annoying at times.

User rating: May 22, 2010

One of my favorites for the year. I don't watch many movies more than once, but this one I've watched at least 5 times, and will watch again.

User rating: March 5, 2010

Second best only to Sean Of The Dead! Really well done, and truely funny stuff!

User rating: March 5, 2010

Funny Movie Woody Harrelson is amazing

User rating: February 7, 2010

great Movie! Emma stone is smoking hot

User rating: February 5, 2010

Excellent movie.

User rating: January 1, 2010

Funny! but really stupid