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When a Stranger Calls

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User rating: 3.64

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User rating: March 23, 2006

This movie was pretty good but i mean the ending was just getting really good and suddenly stoopppeeeddddd and i dont think that they should have had so many jump parts when it was only a cat or someones jacket on a door but it was still pretty good maybe they could make a sequel im not sure but I recommend seeing and giving it a chance but if u can watch it on a big screen with the lights out and watever u do.....dont answer the phone!

User rating: March 20, 2006

The stupidest movie ever. I hated it the killer was dumb. Everything about the movie was pointless. Save your money it is stupid. If I could take back those minutes of my life I waould.

User rating: March 18, 2006

This movie was goodish. It was one of those movies that you love when you`re watching it, but go home and you`re like "yeah that sucked....". It wasn`t bad-persé, but I wasn`t like "I have to see that again" or "First day its out, im buying it!!!"

User rating: March 17, 2006

I REALLY loved this movie. My best friend and I went and saw it and we thought it was a really good movie and I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good thriller.

User rating: March 15, 2006

What an absolute WASTE OF TIME!!!. It was soooooooo predictable and arguablly THE WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!....I want my money back, heck the only way I`d see that movie is if they paid me to see it. COMPLETE GARBAGE!!

User rating: March 15, 2006

The movie is alright. I have heard this story before, many times. It is a urban ledgend and knowing how it goes i was not really scared. I knew the ending and expected it. But the movie was OK. Wasnt the greatest but it was alright. I would recommend other movies before this one.

User rating: March 8, 2006

i saw this movie on the first day... and i totally FREAKED out!!!!!

User rating: March 3, 2006

a scary maddd movie.......must see

User rating: March 1, 2006

I am not one for scary movies, though my friends talked me into going and seeing this movie. I have to say that I was very impressed. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. Have to give this movie two thumbs up!!

User rating: February 28, 2006

Check out the original with Carol Kane and Charles Durning. This movie just proves that rarely are remakes better than the original.