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When a Stranger Calls

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User rating: 3.64

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User rating: February 27, 2006

More a suspense than a horror, but that made me like it even more. The girl was so interesting that I was never bored, even when she was exploring the house or getting a popsicle or whatever. It kept me watching all the way through, because every second it seemed like something might happen. I was starting to wonder if there even were any kids, though!

User rating: February 26, 2006

I went to go and see this movie a few days ago, and did I ever regret it! It was such a bad movie that I even considered writing West to demand my 10 bucks back, and I even used a gift card! I was looking forward to seeing this, but when I sat down and the movie started I realized that I had made a grave mistake in believing this movie would actually be decent enough to entertain me. But with the cheesy music, the utter lack of something ACTUALLY happening and the fact that the main character (camilla bell) looked exactly like Ashlee Simpson, I half expected her to lip-sync and start a jig...absolutely ridiculously bad casting...shame

User rating: February 25, 2006

I`ve got something to say. THE MOVIE WAS HILARIOUS!!! LOL it was totally not scaryy at ALL it was more like a comedy!! =p it was soooo funny. i couldnt stop laughing...loll it was reallLiee good thoo. my friends && i went to go see it && expected it to bee scariee but it was very funnie instead. lol some popping scenes. but it was good. ahahaa. i couldnt stop laughing about the statue`s hands. teehees.

User rating: February 25, 2006


User rating: February 24, 2006

I thought it was good, but the guy called too many times. it wasnt really long at all.. like kinda short since when its getting decent, it just stops. But yea, id still give it 5 since it was scary, but could have been a little more suspenseful, she was scared of a fridge??

User rating: February 24, 2006

how can this be the "best movie ever" like wat is this? it wasnt scary and basically all the action happens in 10-20 min. no excitement at all and many other movies are wayy better if u wanna watch something scary chek out amityville. this movie is LAME.

User rating: February 23, 2006


User rating: February 20, 2006

omg it was like so the best movie it gave me some jumps

User rating: February 20, 2006

Very, very good. I thought Camilla Belle was excellent, great acting, wonderful to watch. Plot was really good too, kept me in suspense the whole time. Even though I knew he would be in the house at some point (from the trailer), I kept watching to see how he could`ve gotten in despite the alarm system. Ending was great -- totally made sense to me. 5 stars.

User rating: February 19, 2006

Wasn`t the best. Very predictable at the end and the storyline was pretty lame. Ended with lots of loose ends. I think this could`ve been better both the story and the acting. It was pretty boring, maybe you should reconsider before going to watch it.