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User rating: March 8, 2004

I really liked it. It wasn`t the best movie I ever saw, but I really like the "twist" at the ending. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the movie.

User rating: March 4, 2004

well... was it interesting... i found it to be. Perhaps i wasn`t thinking while watching it, but i didn`t suspect the actual killer until the end. There were good aspects to the plot, but the basis of it was weak ( ie, the jealousy of one character to kill 25 people, including the woman he loved.) Although it wouldn`t have been there shining moments, the acting wasn`t terrible, Ashley Judd displayed some believable pathos. I`m not sure i understand andy garcia`s character... i wouldn`t go so far to say he put on a weak performance, i just didn`t know where his character was coming from. All in all, its worth seeing... just make it a matinee,

User rating: March 4, 2004

This was the single worst movie i`ve seen in 5 years. the dialogue was weak and contrived, the characterization was stereotypicals, and the usually competant actors invovled gave terribly sub par performances (Especially Andy Garcia). In addition, the movie was made to be an artsy thriller that keeps you guessing who dunnit until the end. Sadly, it turned out to be as artsy as a pile of dirt and and makes it almost too easy to figure out who the killer is even before the films halfway mark. E-PROJEX.

User rating: March 1, 2004

Reputable, capable actors coupled with a half-decent plot, but ruined by hack writing and overkill delivery. Not even rental-worthy.

User rating: February 29, 2004

really great movie

User rating: February 29, 2004

Wait and watch it on DVD. It`s a great "Whodunit" movie but the script writing is weak.

User rating: February 29, 2004

cool movie

User rating: February 28, 2004

the scariest part of the movie was payin 20 bucks to see it!

User rating: February 27, 2004

it was alrite... kinda boring... the storyline was jus OK... wouldnt recommend it though...not worth the movie ticket

User rating: February 27, 2004

This movie sucked