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The Incredible Hulk

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In Theaters: June 13, 2008

PG-13 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi | 1h 54m

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User rating: 3.54

Based on 3576 votes and 191 reviews.

  • User rating: 268 40.61%
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User rating: April 4, 2014

Funny, action-packed, and Edward Norton. Brings back the feel of the Hulk TV series. A must for ALL fans of the big green guy.

User rating: October 24, 2011

I liked the Incredible Hulk Movie in 2008 Film now I'm waiting for a Incredible Hulk 2 Sequel to 2008 with Edward Norton in the Film. Only thing they need is to blend in the Orignal Hulk from the Pilot played by Lou Ferrigno.

User rating: January 29, 2011

the incredible hulk is the thrid best superhero movie i've ever seen next to spider-man 3 and the dark knight!!! it soooo better than the 2003 trashy one!!!

User rating: July 16, 2009

This movie was MUCH better than the first Hulk movie. The acting was slightly better and the computerization was also good. Filled with action. 4 stars.

User rating: February 24, 2009

I really liked the movie because of how well Edward Norton and Liv Tyler played there characters and I really liked the Hulk because he looked very real to me and I just loved the special effects and especially how good Edward Norton played Banner and the hulk and I trully know that Norton plays the perfect Bruce Banner and Liv plays the perfect Betty Ross and I really want to see these guys in the sequel so bad because of how good they played there Characters in the movie, I liked hulk since I was nine, this movie sooo deserves Five Stars!!

User rating: February 24, 2009

I SOOO LOVED THE MOVIE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE FIRST ONE!!!! I really liked how Edward Norton and Liv Tyler played their characters in this movie and I really want them in the next one so bad because of how good this one was, and even though I didn't want to se it because I thought it would be worst than the first one in 03 but after i came out of that theater I was really surprised and wanted to see it Again,Again,And again because I liked hulk since I was Nine years old plus when i first seen hulk in the bottling plant he Absolutly looked real to me instead of something else like someone has took a piece of clay and molded it and said thats hulk, I really enjoyed it alot!!!!

User rating: October 24, 2008

Almost as good as the last one!

User rating: October 12, 2008

The best movie I have watched this year, I highly recommend.

User rating: October 2, 2008


User rating: September 13, 2008

Tied with Iron Man. Worth every penny! This movie was very well made and it delivered. 5 Stars!