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The Chosen: Season 4 - Episodes 1-3

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In Theaters: February 1, 2024

PG | Drama, Television | 3h 27m

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User rating: 4.69

Based on 102 votes and 36 reviews.

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User rating: February 14, 2024

February 13, I just watched episodes one through three, and the production and characters were wonderful, except, I did not care for the scene with Raymah at the end. Since she is a fictional character, I just felt that the scene was totally unnecessary! It really brought me down!

User rating: February 13, 2024

Heartfelt, honest & soul fixing good. Season 4 does start out a little rough but the main actors are amazing & it’s easy to overlook a few moments of displacement coming into a new season. It’s to be expected. Prepare for some twists & turns!

User rating: February 13, 2024

I've been brought up Protestant and turned away from Religion for many decades. I do not feel this show is about converting anyone to anything. But, the view points are interesting and do differ than glorifying the tale. Characters we've been taught or read about come to life with personalities and challenges to everyday trials and problems much like our own. I surmise there will be an S5 and possibly S6 in the near future. If you're interested in this show I encourage you to see Jonathan and Jesus, a documentary of the planning and filming of The Chosen. Bravo Jonathan Roumie. I'd like to shake your hand.

User rating: February 13, 2024

I have followed The Chosen from day 1. I am not a Bible scholar, so when Dallas and his writers brought The Chosen to life I am understanding and getting to know each of the real life characters in the scriptures. I am very fond of Simon, Mary Magdalene, and so many more. Great job cast, thank you for bringing God's word and truth to life

User rating: February 12, 2024

I like how Jesus and disciples are portrayef and much of the dialogue is straight from the Bible. I enjoyed the entertainment quality involving the character , Raymah, but since she is fictional, herr story took up space that might have been better given to an historical charracter.

User rating: February 11, 2024

Great movie. Characters and scenery draws you into a part of history. Thought provoking, challenges you to do your own introspective about your own life.

User rating: February 11, 2024

This had it all from light moments , deep moments, and a totally unexpected finish. The acting and scenery was amazing and the writing fantastic. Looking forward to the next installment

User rating: February 10, 2024

I love everything about the Chosen. And Jonathan does a wonderful job of playing Jesus.

User rating: February 10, 2024

What if you lived in the times of Jesus? We know what The Bible says. Experience a life in this series from Dallas Jenkins and his writers. Imagine the everyday lives of Jesus and the disciples. Maybe they were funny. Maybe one had a temper, one was shy. But they loved him. Watching miracles being performed was magical. Watching suffering from villians was not. It's funny. It's intense. There's scripture and wonderful reminders of Jesus' teachings. It's life changing. This behind the scenes series has captured my heart since Season One and continues to intrigue me with the more intense Season Four. It's led me back to read my Bible and know God more. It's a series of truth with what ifs. See it. You’ll get hooked.

User rating: February 10, 2024

The Chosen brings to life these historical characters like no other movie on Christ. It makes every character personable and causes you to feel a real connection to each one. So well done and so realistic. If only reality tv could be this real. Absolute must see.