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Spider-Man 2

User rating: 4.41 352 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: June 30, 2004

PG-13 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi | 2h 8m

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User rating: 4.41

Based on 35719 votes and 352 reviews.

  • User rating: 29390 82.57%
  • User rating: 581 1.63%
  • User rating: 514 1.44%
  • User rating: 927 2.60%
  • User rating: 4181 11.75%

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User rating: October 15, 2022

This Movie is Awesome , Tobey is a great spider man

User rating: March 24, 2020

great movie, one of the best spider man movies.

User rating: December 17, 2019

great movie but the first and the third were way better then the second.

User rating: April 4, 2014

One of my all time favorites it is as intense and action packed as it is smart and visually appealing. Tobey Mcguire gives us another all star performance as Peter Parker/Spiderman and Doc Oc is fantastic as both a main character of the film and it's villain. Go Spidey Go!!

User rating: January 29, 2011

spider-man 2 outdoes the original by 10 leaps and bounds!!! it's a tie between this and part 3 as the best of the trilogy!!!

User rating: June 6, 2010

action movie? more like soapopera 1 was alot better

User rating: May 3, 2009

Another amazing well done spider-man movie, good story jst a bit too much story and not enough action:P

User rating: October 15, 2006

I liked Spider-man more than I liked Spider-man 2. Something was definately missing from this one. There was just not enough action, it was all talk. I liked the ending, but I was very disappointed.

User rating: September 16, 2006

i love spider-man so i bought 1 and 2 in DVD fullscreen special edition.

User rating: October 28, 2005

SPIDER-MAN 2... My son and I went to see spider-man and spider-man 2 in theatre and we think that spider-man 2 was the best.when it came out on video I got the two of them for my son .you got to see his bedroom he got his walls covered with spider-man and DOC OCK posters ,from cartoon to real life.and he also collected Spider-man action figures,and Spider-man soundtracks.My son just love Spider-man.We think youre doing a great job.cant wait to see the third one.I know you will make my son very HAPPY BOY.MOM- BELL ISLAND NEWFOUNDLAND CANADA.