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Speed Racer

User rating: 3.42 81 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: May 9, 2008

PG | Action, Adventure | 2h 15m

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User rating: 3.42

Based on 1805 votes and 81 reviews.

  • User rating: 82 44.09%
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  • User rating: 52 27.96%

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User rating: March 13, 2021

This movie has been a source of great entertainment to me and a small group of friends for many years.

User rating: March 9, 2018

Extremely entertaining. Great movie I’ve seen so far.

User rating: July 2, 2009

Well Done! Great entertainment!

User rating: November 15, 2008

very entertaining, and full of heart! kudos + 5 stars

User rating: September 27, 2008

This movie is a real peace of art. A movie don't have to be realistic to be good. People only likes film they believe in... Come back in time and look it with kid eyes, you will found it's so spectacular and beautiful and colorful. Tow thumbs up to the Wachowski Bros...

User rating: September 23, 2008

I personally have never watched/ or cared for the speed racer tv series, but after watching this movie, DAMN!! it blew me away! it was like watching the matrix, but only with speeding cars! sure it defys the laws of physics, but who cares! its entertainment! and I was quite entertained. 5 stars.

User rating: August 15, 2008

wow the action really thrills you. Look for more of my reviews. E.B.A.

User rating: July 29, 2008

this movie sucks

User rating: July 16, 2008


User rating: July 9, 2008

this movie is rotten potatoes