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User rating: January 22, 2019


User rating: May 20, 2014

So cool, Steve Zahn at his best! It's just so cool, the poster and everything!!!!

User rating: September 21, 2006

This was a fairly good movie. The storyline knid of sucked though. 3 stars

User rating: June 3, 2006

I thought it was very entertaining, can`t wait for more of the same. a little far fetched but who cares. you can lose you`re self in this movie and forget about life for a couple of hours. Great characters.

User rating: February 17, 2006


User rating: February 15, 2006

great movie.

User rating: November 18, 2005

First I liked it , you need to watch it many times,each time it gets better, than you love it. Matthew is always easy on the eyes, but Steve Zahn was the best,never realized he was so funny.

User rating: September 18, 2005

Actually a good movie, was much better than what I thought it would be. Not a big fan of Steve Zahn but he was good in this one.

User rating: September 8, 2005

It was much better than I was expecting. Though Dirk was the hero, Al was my favorite. The interplay between the three leads was funny and well done. The ending was lacking the punch of the rest of the movie with the girl and guy in Monterey. It is worth renting and for families it would be worth buying. One of the few well done, clean movies out there.

User rating: September 7, 2005

I couldn`t stay interested long enough to even watch the entire movie. I`m a big fan of action movies, but it just felt like bits of different action movies chopped up and crammed together to make.. a mediocre film.