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Road House (Prime Video)

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User rating: March 25, 2024


User rating: March 24, 2024

Connor M is an idiot in real life. It took him no acting skills to portray the idiot in the movie. I enjoyed it all except where CM was involved. Sure wish he hadn’t been in it, because I would have enjoyed it much more.

User rating: March 23, 2024

Just as idiotic as the original.

User rating: March 22, 2024

Decent remake. I was a fan of the original, and this is a decent reimaging of the original to update for today's fans of UFC, but there was something missing. Does everyone go to this one bar to "let off steam" and just break stuff? How can the bar owner pay him so much a week and still clean up after each night? Pay to fix all the stuff that gets busted? The liquor alone must cost a fortune. I get it, you are supposed to shut off your brain and just watch. The action was good. Conor McGregor plays a damn good unkillable villain. I did like the scene where he and Dalton stop fighting and he realizes Dalton is just as crazy as he is..except Dalton hides it and Conor is the exact opposite and is constantly coo-coo. The bands are good, but clearly a showcase letting southern talent have some exposure. Watch, but don't think too hard.