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Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

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In Theaters: April 17, 2015

PG | Comedy | 1h 34m

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User rating: 3.1

Based on 292 votes and 18 reviews.

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  • User rating: 10 12.82%
  • User rating: 10 12.82%
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User rating: July 18, 2015

Not as good as the first, but the sequels never are. But still, there are some pretty hilarious scenes and lines, and it's one of those "I need to relax and have a laff" type of movies.

User rating: June 14, 2015

Not bad if you like slap stick comedy and can see it for 4 bucks like we did. True, Kevin James flops around too much and is not to be taken seriously .The 3 Stooges movie was better for slapstick. Still beats the fiflty language , sexual innuendos and crude comedy in movies such as Bad Teacher, Horrible Bosses ( both films ), and Bad Grampa to name a few. Not

User rating: May 11, 2015

To all the one starry people, what were you expecting? it is meant to be silly and amateurish, but Kevin James is funny. Relax a little and enjoy life.

User rating: May 10, 2015

Total crap! Just a money grab and I'm sure a small one at that! Avoid this waste of time!

User rating: May 9, 2015

Take your money and burn it...far more entertaining...

User rating: May 5, 2015

Absolute garbage. Watching Kevin James romp his fat ass around a camera for an hour and a half is even more insufferable than you could imagine. Don't waste your money.

User rating: April 29, 2015

The first movie was funny, somewhat but this one, just was not and it tried so hard to be funny. Avoid this one!

User rating: April 29, 2015

Just bad! He tried really REALLY hard to be funny and he wasn't. Wait for this on tv. Don't even download it!

User rating: April 28, 2015

this was not a good movie. I left after struggling through the first hour. Just not funny and kinda amateurish. very boring plot etc etc. acting was bad....just bad bad bad...

User rating: April 28, 2015

This is the worst movie I've seen in a long time. Even my 15 year old daughter was bored. Not a laugh in sight, and the use of gags from the first movie make this a complete waste of time and money. One star is being generous.