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In Theaters: July 22, 2022

R | Horror, Thriller | 2h 15m

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User rating: 2.79

Based on 134 votes and 45 reviews.

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User rating: August 12, 2022

Worst movie I have ever seen. I would give it minus stars, but there aren’t any. Plus it dragged on, plus it was hard to understand the two main characters. They did not speak clearly. HORRIBLE MOVIE

User rating: August 12, 2022

Very boring. I'm a horror movie fan and I wanted 2 hours and 32 dollars back . Period.

User rating: August 11, 2022


User rating: August 9, 2022

Was ok, not as good as his other films, semi predictable. Glad I went on a cheap night

User rating: August 8, 2022

The title says it all. A strong NOPE!!!!

User rating: August 7, 2022

The movie is deeper than you can comprehend. It challenges your biases and if you're opened to be entertained and educated you'll truly love NOPE!

User rating: August 6, 2022

Lame. Doesn't make sense. Characters are not believable or relatable. Don't waste your money on this one.

User rating: August 6, 2022

What a terrible movie! And I really like Jordan Peele; 'Get Out' was an awesome debut and screenplay. But this movie violates the #1 Rule of storytelling: you have to care about the characters. And I didn't. I actually found myself rooting for the alien/monster at certain points. [SPOILER ALERT] The hero, OJ, I actually liked, sort of. But his sister was just the worst; we never saw enough of their dad, and their overall goal of capturing the alien on film so they could upload it to YouTube and make a million dollars is just not an inspiring premise. I don't care if they get rich and can save the family farm. When 40 of their neighbors get eaten by the monster and they don't call the police or the authorities to protect everyone else, they are just plain selfish and stupid. I really tried to like this movie, but I think one too many people read this script and didn't tell Jordan Peele the truth: that this movie plain sucked. And I'm sorry, but this recurring flashback of a giant chimp killing all of the white people in a tv audience was horrible and gruesome and one of the worst things I've ever seen on film. How did it tie into the current alien story? It was a creepy, awful backstory for the Asian owner of the Jupiter Claims place, but [spoiler removed]. Way too little emotion, way too bizarre and hard-to-root-for characters, and overall I wish I could get those two hours of my life back. :)

User rating: August 5, 2022

Interesting sci-fi/horror obviously appeals to amateur psychoanalysts with superiority complexes.

User rating: August 4, 2022

I was a fan of anthology horror and creepy short stories growing up. This is perfect live action version of a creepy pulp type short story that leaves you pondering with a chilled but pleasent discomfort as you know you know nothing