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Mank (Netflix)

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In Theaters: November 20, 2020

R | Drama, Biography | 2h 11m

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User rating: 3.5

Based on 8 votes and 3 reviews.

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User rating: April 26, 2021

Acting was great but that's the only good thing. The story was slow, dull, there's no need to film in black and white, this isn't an old time movie, it's about movies back then. It's another case of Hollywood applauding itself with all the nominations. It just wasn't all that. There are so many other movies that are far better, but I guess they don't have the bigwigs pushing for them.

User rating: March 17, 2021

Okay, but nothing incredible. Just a sad story about a sad man who drinks so much that he's embarrassing. Shows Orson Welles for who he was though, I guess. I didn't know much about any of the people in this film, so I'm not sure how much of it was true. I watched it after it got so many Oscar nominations, but I think this is just another case of Hollywood loving movies about Hollywood. Like La La Land (also completely forgettable) and The Artist (that one actually was great). Make a movie about Hollywood and you're almost guaranteed to get Oscar nominations.

User rating: November 29, 2020

excellent amazing film as i just saw it a nine of of ten for sure and i can see this film getting a best movie of the year Nomination by the academy awards