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User rating: 3.19

Based on 400 votes and 19 reviews.

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User rating: September 6, 2010

I enjoy this movie and I will watch it again and again, because it`s base on real life drama. Most people don`t recognize others when they are poor or they aren`t rich, but when you find a way to get riches like Bow Wow did and you are successful, everyone knows you and suddenly they are your best friend. Bow Wow was upset and I would too, if couldn`t get my ticket to the office, because it`s close and the worst part is that everyone knows that am a millionaire, and they all want a piece of it.

User rating: September 6, 2010


User rating: September 2, 2010

Alright Movie

User rating: September 1, 2010

Not the best comedy out there right now, i did enjoy it but I can say that if you aren't black or dont have black friends you most likely wont be interested in this movie or understand the comedic script.

User rating: September 1, 2010

Boring... predictable... not worth the price of a ticket...

User rating: August 23, 2010

this is an amazing movie and i love the fact bow wow is in it, i thought it was so funny

User rating: August 23, 2010


User rating: August 22, 2010

Not worth watching.

User rating: August 21, 2010

it had a desent cast but the acting was horrible. It wasnt even funny. I tried hard to like it but it just was too much of a crappy movie. Bow Wow should never act again.