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Gosford Park

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In Theaters: December 26, 2001

R | Comedy, Drama | 2h 17m

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User rating: 3.46

Based on 1076 votes and 42 reviews.

  • User rating: 561 52.48%
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User rating: April 3, 2002

excellent,Stephen Fry is the best.

User rating: March 31, 2002

Boring! Good acting but there is no climax and there is no interest in who the killer is. i mean the guy doesn`t even get killed until 2 hours in.

User rating: March 24, 2002

Very hard to follow, and im still not sure who the killer is! But it was great acting and a very visual pleasing film

User rating: March 19, 2002

this was a great movie...very interesting and thought provoking

User rating: March 19, 2002

Very interesting movie. Not for everyone though as it was a little slow at times.

User rating: March 16, 2002

I loved Gosford Park. It was the type of movie, thjat you don`t see done anymore. It made the viewer think....and didn`t say: Ok, here is the person that did it, because you are to stupid it figure it out for yourself!!! The only thing....was there was WAY to many peopele

User rating: March 6, 2002


User rating: March 5, 2002

It was a marvelous movie in the tradition of Agatha Christie and the Murder on the Orient Express. Thoroughly enjoyable!

User rating: March 4, 2002

Great movie. The murder appeared late in the movie. However, I was so involved with the scenery, costumes, characters, and sorting everyone out, that I almost forgot this was a good old-fashion murder mystery.

User rating: March 2, 2002

this movie is worst that the last time i voted for