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User rating: June 30, 2007


User rating: March 10, 2007

DO NOT WATCH THIS! Save your money and time. The plot is terrible. The acting was terrible. I would`ve watched it to the end but Julianne Moore`s character was so annoying it felt like someone was poking my eyes out with a dirty fork.

User rating: August 8, 2006

I felt that freedland was an awesome movie it actually dipicts the stereotypes that continue to remain a issue in our societ

User rating: June 2, 2006

I`m so angry, this movie was the worst piece of crap! I think Jackson and Moore owe me a refund! I can`t believe this was ever released to the public! There was no point, and the only plot, was moore sitting and telling the story in a dank room, rather then acting it! Really, they got paid for this? Terrible, don`t waste your time.

User rating: March 26, 2006

I thought the movie was to all over the place, to many things going on at once and some parts really didnt make sense!!! I dunno but the character Julianne Moore played seemed more like a mental patient who needs alot of help. Anyway I had bigger expectations with this movie and it was quite long as well, but thats just my opinion, BUT my 2 friends that came thought this as well so anyway 2 outta 5 thats all folks!!

User rating: March 17, 2006

My wife and I just saw this film last night and we enjoyed it. I don`t know why there are so many bad reviews for this film. It`s not going to win an Oscar for best picture, but it`s still a very good film with great acting from Samuel Jackson and Julian Moore.

User rating: March 14, 2006

What was Samuel thinking?

User rating: March 5, 2006

This has to be the worst picture that I have seen in a long time. The movie was bad all the way through and then it seemed as though it would not end with the story seeming to be over almost 20 minutes before it really ended.

User rating: March 4, 2006

:} LOL that`s how bad it was

User rating: March 3, 2006

Freedom Land was perhaps the worst movie ever created. The fact that I stayed until the end was because I had a refill on my popcorn. The movie made little to no sense, it had so many plot lines going on at the same time that were absolutely irrelivant. Who ever wrote the movie should never go near creating anything again. I felt as if a 7 year old kid was telling me a story and making it up as they went along. In terms of the acting, I witnessed perhaps the worst display of acting ever done, the movie made me sick I want all the copies of it to be burned and destroyed forever. If anyone reads this please don`t see the movie, u would be bett