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Donnie Darko

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In Theaters: January 19, 2001

R | Fantasy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery | 1h 53m

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User rating: 4.14

Based on 1267 votes and 33 reviews.

  • User rating: 932 74.56%
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  • User rating: 242 19.36%

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User rating: October 8, 2006

It`s really dark and confusing yet it is extrimely amazing and interesting...You keep on focus to watch the whole of the story..You won`t miss it..At the end of the story,you just wondering like "How it can be?" or some of you may be thinking "I don`t know where the story goes.."..But for me,it totally great,making your brain to work harder,in order to make a pattern or connection what is the story about..You won`t feel regret or sorry to watch it...

User rating: August 25, 2006

A watered-down David Lynch film for trendy, hipster youth. Not nearly as deep as it is touted to be.

User rating: August 17, 2006

deliciously dark and desturbing 2 big thumbs up!!!!

User rating: April 15, 2006

Very Weird! But Very Interesting! I wish I understood more. It seemed smart but I wouldn`t know. That`s what I hate about these movies. They never seem to make sense in full.

User rating: March 30, 2006


User rating: January 16, 2006

"Donnie Darko" is just a remarkable film. I believe that this is one of the best indie films ever made. The website is cryptic but all Donnie Darko fans should definetely check it out. I congratulate Richard Kelly onthis amazing film.

User rating: January 2, 2006

I find something new in the movie everytime I watch it. A total mind a good way.

User rating: June 28, 2005

Truly Beautiful...

User rating: April 5, 2005

I loved this movie.

User rating: October 25, 2004

without a doubt, one of the better psycological movies out there in it`s concept of our place and role in the universe. Both thought provoking and entertaining, this is one movie everyone should see.