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Come Out In Jesus' Name

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In Theaters: March 13, 2023

PG-13 | Documentary, Other

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User rating: 2.88

Based on 806 votes and 239 reviews.

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User rating: March 27, 2023

The one star reviews mostly are from March 14th and prior. I doubt that many people who hate Greg Locke already went and watched this film the day after it was released. Almost as if there was a whole trolling campaign on these sites as soon as its release was expected. Go see it for yourself. And tell those Demons with the one stars, to COME OUT, IN JESUS NAME!!!!!

User rating: March 26, 2023

After seeing this who would want to be a Christian and be demon possessed, I'd rather be unsaved and not have to deal with being possessed by demons. Even Satanists don't get demon possessed and they dabble in all kinds of black magic. And you will have to fork out a lot of money for deliverance to these clowns.

User rating: March 25, 2023

You can see Gregg Locks heart is geniune. This is the real deal God is moving. Deliverence is a act of Love thru the power of the Holy Spirit!!

User rating: March 25, 2023

*I haven't met Anyone that possess True Joy in the Lord, than those that operate in the Supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit. This Documentary is the REAL DEAL. Anyone coming against the documentary, is Truly Scared of the idea that they have demons. . .the judgement in the comments show that it isn't the fruit of the Holy Spirit and that lots of evil forces are at work to go against the film. The men that do the Deliverance are the Real Deal. Satan doesn't want you to know that. God Bless Jesus Loves you.

User rating: March 25, 2023

This is Amazing that it is OUT in Theatres. I am BLOWN AWAY, God is UP to Something... Many Religious Spirits/and or Unbelievers are saying it is "Fake", but it is Not. For Anyone that had dabbled into Witchcraft or New-Age/ yoga, I myself, can Vouch that Spiritual Warfare is REAL. No actors acting or being paid to Fake these Delieverances. They do it for FREE, however Conference may Cost $$. The Religious world is SO BORING. Delieverance is for the RADICAL. I've been in Church for 8 years. ......Christians are Oppressed, LACK JOY!, nor walk in the fruits of the Spirit. I've been Saved since 2008, I haven't met Anyone Truly FREE w True Joy, Peace fruits of the Holy Ghost. PPL don't want RELIGION, they want FREEDOM & to Encounter God's Love for them. The Christians saying they don't need Freedom are Hypocrites and Prideful just like the Pharisees. God has Not opened their Spiritual eyes, yet.That's Unforunate coz Supernatural MIRACLES Exist!!! Rocks my world, they're missing out.

User rating: March 24, 2023

I believe in deliverance, but this is not deliverance. This is the fakest thing I’ve ever witnessed. It’s insulting to anyone with an ounce of discernment. Greg Locke should be ashamed of himself. This is why many will never open their brokenness to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Men are truly evil. Do not blame the incredible love of Jesus Christ for this charlatan.

User rating: March 24, 2023

They sell hypnosis sessions at $500 If your message is pure, why is it not free just like Jesus's was? Why is the knowledge you are trying to impart to others guarded behind a price tag? Even the worse Christians give away bibles for free. When you are trying to make a buck off people's hopes and despair it feels like an elaborate grift.

User rating: March 23, 2023

Number 1 They believe if you talk in gibberish, you have the Holy Spirit (anyone can do that at anytime, without having the spirit ) Number 2 They believe you can buy prosperity, by giving money to the church/pastor (planting a seed) Number 3 They preach God wants you wealthy on Earth , that He wants you to want more worldly things . That greed is not a sin. Number 4 They rarely ever preach against sin, nor much about anything but what God does for you.( being blessed by God) Not you actually serving God, except with your money. Now I’m sure that there are a few small Penecostal churches that don’t do these things SOMEWHERE, I just haven’t found one yet. One other thing, before I was born again I was a professional hypnotherapist. Their worship services use (without them aware of it) mass hypnosis techniques in their worship. They just run them the way they were taught to do it. Now I will let you come up with your own conclusions as to what that instills in people.

User rating: March 23, 2023

Its charismatic marketer give a 45 minute infomercial. Even if everyone from the preacher to the congregation have the best intentions the end result is the same. Poor people are swindled out of their money, and the charismatic leader gets to live like a demigod who does not pay taxes surrounded by obedient followers.

User rating: March 23, 2023

By knowing how to mesmerize (Franz Mesmer, hypnotist from the 1700s) their parishioners. They know how to tell great stories - so that is the use of metaphor. They know how to use their intonations to ‘mark out words’ and for the deliverance ministers, they know how to use multiple suggestions to bypass the conscious mind of their congregant who truly wants to be delivered - the congregant has to 100% believe in the power of the minister to allow this to happen. When you see people fall to the floor with the deliverance, it looks very similar to what you see some of the subjects do during stage hypnosis shows.