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City Island

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In Theaters: March 19, 2010

PG-13 | Comedy | 1h 40m

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User rating: 3.75

Based on 208 votes and 32 reviews.

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User rating: July 15, 2011

A very good film about family, regret and dreams...loved the performances by the entire cast, especially andy garcia...a true hidden gem of a movie.

User rating: April 12, 2011

Surprisingly sweet, funny and highly entertaining. One of the better familiy dramedies I've seen in a long time. Garcia is brilliant in this flick. Good performances by supporting cast as well.

User rating: March 25, 2011

Cute and loveable movie - - Andy Garcia is simply great in this role as an aspiring actor/parole officer trying to keep his family together. Lots of laughs.

User rating: January 28, 2011

Cute and funny - very enjoyable movie about family relationships and problems.

User rating: November 4, 2010

A very entertaining family drama - a true hidden gem of a movie.

User rating: October 29, 2010

A very good, entertaining dramedy. Love teh cast and story. Every character in the film is so unique, they are all memorable.

User rating: October 29, 2010

A very charming little mvoie about family life, family expectations and family secrets. I loved the performances by everyone inthis movie, especially Garcia's. A very entertaining and enjoyable movie.

User rating: July 22, 2010

Finally! A film worth Any Garcia's actting chops. Very entertaining dramedy with a superior script and excellent supporting cast.

User rating: July 21, 2010

Great script and wonderful cast set this film above most other summer dramas. Its nice to see Andy Garcia take on a role suitable for his talents. Supporting cast shines in this funny, heartfelt drama.

User rating: July 20, 2010

This family dramedy features the work of some fine New York actors.This film has a dysfunctional family and each member has a secret;but,the secrets are mostly mild and comedic rather then ghastly and life-destroying. Andy Garcia and Julianna Margulies(who seems to become more beautiful as she ages) are wonderful as the parents. This is one of the few movies where the art and craft of acting is examined.After secrets are revealed;there is much tears and laughter. So,what we have is a great date movie. What an antedote to a summer of mostly putrid hollywood films!