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User rating: November 20, 2011

Unique movie. Like it a lot

User rating: September 12, 2010

First off, GACKT is one of the MAIN characters, yet you don't list him. It's offensive to those who are die-hard fans of him and who know just how famous he is in Japan. Look him out, you'll be amazed. Second, this movie was AMAZING! GACKT was outstanding, and Josh was amazing as well. Everyone played their part well in this very unique take on story telling. Bunraku is what a type of Japanese puppet show is called. With almost life size puppets a story is told with a narrator and dialoge. This movie takes that and adds its own spin as well as keep you captivated the whole way through. It had good humor and the fight scenes were well played out. A kick ass movie with a kick ass team. It's a