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Blinded by the Light

User rating: 4.16 26 Reviews | Write a Review

In Theaters: August 16, 2019

On DVD/Blu-ray: November 19, 2019

PG-13 | Comedy, Drama | 1h 58m

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User rating: 4.16

Based on 64 votes and 26 reviews.

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User rating: September 4, 2019

There is one reason a movie like this went to the big screen... it is weaponized and political. Anyone giving this movie a rating over half the stars was only capable of seeing the first level of this multi-level film. It has a message to the subconscious if the conscious mind is not aware enough to look deeper into the underlying message which is how the Mystery School Cult manipulates media. On the surface, if there were no religions in society, this movie could be rated as a 6 or 7 out of 10. But we live in a religious/political society and this was the reason for this movie’s creation in the first place. At the basis of mankinds religions we find in this movie the manipulative Mystery School Cult and the Hebrews. You will find the suppressing father of Javed Khan instructing him to do what the Jews do and even hang out with them at college. The father is Muslim and obviously did not read the second half of the Koran. The nice part of the Koran is the first half where Mohammad tries to fit in with the Jews with his new religion. But the Koran demands that if there are contradictions written into the book the Muslim must negate the prior idealism and replace it with the latter.

User rating: September 3, 2019

Bruce Springfield deserves better than this. Totally predicable "Happy Ending" flick.

User rating: September 3, 2019

I Loved this movie! Even the occasional Ballywoodish scenes were so much fun. The cast was great, the score impeccable and the timing for this storyline couldn't be more appropriate. Actually, anytime is appropriate. Just go see it!

User rating: September 2, 2019

Got a little long in the end. Wait for the DVD.

User rating: September 2, 2019

This was a Wonderful movie. Terrific acting by all. The actor who played the main character, Javed, was incredible; so authentic and believable. I absolutely Loved him!! The movie was both touching and very funny while telling an interesting and relatable story. And it had a great soundtrack!! I'm from New Jersey, and went to Asbury Park often in my childhood; my sister went to Monmouth College from 1970 to 1974, and used to tell me about this great new singer (Bruce Springsteen), making the bar circuit in the NJ shore area. This was right before his break out record, Born to Run, with the E Street Band. So, adding to the great narrative, (based on a true story), was my personal memory and connection. My husband also went to Monmouth College, (now Monmouth University), and we both really Loved the movie. The Monmouth College references, and Javed's trip to NJ were the icing on an already delicious cake!!

User rating: September 2, 2019

Fabulous movie .Great heart warming story line focused on humanity’s need to defeat one of its demons - ethnic and racial discrimination. The movie further heightened my appreciation for the poetic and profound lyrics powerfully put together by “The Boss” voiced throughout by background recordings of Bruce and many times mouthed by the movies lead character , a Pakistani youth consumed by his desire to write poetry of the kind similar to Springsteen,.It is a movie that conjures from viewers like myself tears of joy for it promotes the great power love has to push hate from human hearts when communally practiced. The movie dies much to spread the much needed messages to be found in Springsteen’s lyrics. It is well acted by its cast. The world needs to see it. when

User rating: August 31, 2019

An incredible coming of age journey, based on a true story of a boy who faces family pressure and racism every day. He finds Bruce Springsteen's music and lyrics at a time when he feels the lowest. It is a wonderful film of his self discovery that will leave you smiling.

User rating: August 30, 2019

the movie was way to long and it was stupid dumb an boring don't waste you time and money it should not been release at the movie theatre it was made for tv audince

User rating: August 27, 2019

A real gem...good story, a bit of a musical as well as sadness and joy. I especially enjoyed the different culture perspective between the dad and his family as he was excellent in his role. Uplifting.Don't care for Springsteens politics but I still able to really enjoy the movie.

User rating: August 27, 2019

Great movie!