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In Theaters: November 12, 2021

PG-13 | Drama | 1h 38m

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User rating: 4.6

Based on 20 votes and 8 reviews.

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User rating: December 1, 2021

Acting was terrific and story educational. Not quite a winner. In black and white was O.K.

User rating: November 28, 2021

I wouldn’t call it an entertaining movie but it was educational about the trials of a Catholic family in Belfast. And they as most Protestants simply wanted peace. Beyond that I would get into spoilers and I will simply say it is worth seeing if history interests you at all.

User rating: November 27, 2021

Acting was awesome, THE TROUBLES time as seen thru the eyes of a young Irish Lad. How one family overcame these trying times. Was uplifting, sad and inspirational. Go see this movie.

User rating: November 21, 2021

Loved this movie. Great acting, accurate story.

User rating: November 17, 2021

Wonderful story of prioritizing family safety and security above all. Full of love and laughter, despite the ongoing Troubles. Brilliant performances by seasoned veterans Dench and Hinds, prime-of-their-careers Balfe and Dornan, and newcomer wee Jude Hill. Great soundtrack. Recommend, and would pay to see again.

User rating: November 14, 2021

Just fabulous and very different!

User rating: November 13, 2021

interesting approach on the conflicts in Northern Ireland , focusing on the effects on the residents and not so much on the politics of the time .

User rating: November 11, 2021

The portrayal of the hard decisions that Ma and Pa have to make for their family are so raw and honest. Jude Hill as Buddy is wonderful but Catitriona Balfe steals every scene she is in.