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Bad Santa

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In Theaters: November 26, 2003

R | Comedy | 1h 34m

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User rating: 4.18

Based on 3082 votes and 59 reviews.

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User rating: May 30, 2006

Rubbish- not funny, not interesting, not well acted, --- painful to watch.

User rating: February 8, 2006

Bad Santa is, with no doubt, the best Christmas movie ever made, or, at least, seen by me. And I can asure you I`ve seen quite a few, not that I find particular interest in them, but I watch a lot of films on every subject. Billy Bob Thornton`s performance is outstanding; Brett Kelly has got a future; as a mather of fact, the whole cast is excellent. It is a great comedy to watch, especially for teen-agers and adults, not quite suitable for young children.

User rating: January 21, 2006

Best santa-movie ever ....

User rating: March 14, 2005

this is the worst comedy i`ve seen. very disgusting too much swearing and it is just not funny. it might have just been the unrated version that was perverted but i am sure the normal bad santa was just as gross. i agree with some1 elses comment they said i`d give it no stars.well i would give it no stars as well

User rating: March 10, 2005

it was wonderful, u could have added more parts of the tall, cute, blond boy!!!!!!! He is soooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, r there backgrounds of him?????? But the movie was fabulous and very, very funny indeed!!!

User rating: December 25, 2004

I couldn`t finish watching it- it was so stupid and crass- people that think its funny? I question the validity of their critiques- were they written by someone that was in the movie? Someone that wanted to fool you into watching and paying for this drivel?? Don`t bother- the laughs are way,way,way, too few and far between to make this an entertaining movie. Billy Bob was typecast...disgusting, foul...and what was the point? Yeccch-I would truly give it NO STARS-for NO entertainment value. DON`T waste your $.

User rating: December 24, 2004

This is the worst film I have ever seen. The humour is pathetic, the maker evidently thought that foul language equals laughs - no redeeming features, a waste of money.

User rating: September 15, 2004

Bad Santa the Video game

User rating: August 28, 2004

funny movie.great actors, hope it insipres sequel

User rating: June 5, 2004

I am so confused at where exactly the writers discovered these jokes but I must say I am very happy for whatever torment they suffered that made them so deranged because the movie was unbelievably funny, the funniest I have ever seen.