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User rating: March 29, 2019

Still no new Riddick, so I digged this movie with Vin Diesel and it was cooler than I expected. This is how racially diverse casting should look like without stupid SJW forced propaganda. It´s about former street gangstres who became undercover cops because the police did nothing to help him, so they decided to became the change they wanted. And when wife of one of them is murdered by cartel assassins, this guy (Vin Diesel) goes full Punisher mode and with the help of his friends goes after the cartel boss. There are a lot of funny dialogues, a lot of rude words, some brutality, and some brutal and at the same time funny stuff. Cool Vin and OMG, that guy who played Hollywood Jack was hillarious. :D :D

User rating: April 11, 2007

I never get tired of watching this movie. From start to finish it is intense.

User rating: May 31, 2005

because of the roll vin disel had in it and his sexy looks!

User rating: May 29, 2005

The man can act

User rating: February 7, 2005

a great film full of action i could watch it over and over again

User rating: July 28, 2004

Perfect! I would definitely watch it all over again.I love you Vin!!!

User rating: February 5, 2004

Vin Diesel was on fire in this movie, i think he is sooooooooooo hot! BUT THIS MOVIE ALMOST MADE ME CRY

User rating: February 4, 2004

amazing movie man!!!

User rating: December 2, 2003

It was awesome! Vin Diesel was really good in this film!

User rating: October 1, 2003

seriously, i would think that the appeal for inherently plotless movies would die down..but i suppose it hasn`t. This movie has been a waste of 2 hours of my life..that i will sadly never get back...