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50 First Dates

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In Theaters: February 13, 2004

PG-13 | Comedy, Romance | 1h 40m

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User rating: 4.25

Based on 6285 votes and 168 reviews.

  • User rating: 4549 72.68%
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User rating: December 8, 2009

Sick and twisted, romantically masochistic movie to watch during PMS. Alternating between crying and laughing, my eyes and stomach muscles were sore. I was exhausted at the end of the movie. I'd watch it all over again in 28 days!!

User rating: December 3, 2007

i loved every bit about the movie. It was a beautiful movie with a beautiful story to it.

User rating: October 11, 2006

50 First Dates has to be one of my favourite Adam Sandler movies. I hate it when Adam plays over the top characters, so seeing him playing an everyday guy is good. With someone like Ben Stiller it`s the total opposite.

User rating: April 17, 2006

It was really funny...but kinda sad at the same time. I loved Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymoore in it...and Rob was hilarious! Great comedy. 5/5

User rating: March 29, 2006

I expeccted way too much from this movie. I didn`t like it...I didn`t think it was funny or romantic, I thought it was boring.

User rating: February 7, 2006

one of the great movies i have ever seen. I am sure there will be many more great movies as long as it involves drew and adam.They are great actors and I for one am a forever dedicated FAN of these two. lLOVE YOU drew. KGA MEAN GENE___________ Pikeville KY

User rating: February 5, 2006

drew, you looked really pretty with blonde hair. you are one of our idols!!!!!!!!! we love the movie too.

User rating: February 3, 2006

Adam Sandler is Awesome!! He is the funniest man alive!! I loved this movie it was so funny!!!

User rating: January 14, 2006

This movie is really great. I just love when adam sandler sings that song to Drew Barrymore its so cute!

User rating: November 23, 2005