Son of a Critch

Mark Critch (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth) lives in Newfoundland in the 1980s with his older brother Mike Jr. (Colton Gobbo), his grandfather (Malcolm McDowell), his father Mike Critch Sr. (Mark Critch) and his mother (Claire Rankin). Because he's a bit more grown up than the other kids at school, he gets bullied, until Fox (Sophia Powers), who comes from a family of bullies, decides she likes him.

Each season follows Mark and his older brother Mike as they grow and change.

Cast: Mark Critch, Malcolm McDowell, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Colton Gobbo, Claire Rankin, Sophia Powers
Director: Jay Baruchel, Vanessa Matsui, Deanne Foley, Renuka Jeyapalan, John Vatcher, Anthony Q. Farrell
Studio: The CW
Producer(s): John Vatcher, Rob Blackie
Writer(s): Mark Critch, Tim McAuliffe, Heidi Brander, Justin Rawana, Romeo Candido, Cathryn Naiker, Anita Kapila, Perry Chafe, Nadiya Chettiar, Amanda Joy
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