Return to Paradise

This is the movie that has everyone asked: 'What would you do?' Two years after a trio of young men meet up and party their way through Malaysia, a lawyer (Anne Heche) contacts Tony, an newly-engaged architect (David Conrad), and Sheriff, a selfish limo driver (Vince Vaughn), and tells them that the third of their party Lewis (Joaquin Phoenix), is now on Death Row after being arrested and imprisoned when caught with the group's stash of hash. The Malaysian government has agreed to spare Lewis' life only if his one-time pals Tony and Sheriff agree to return to "paradise" and accept a three year prison term. It's up to Heche to convince the duo that the sacrifice is worth the life of the guy they once partied with. What would you do?
Cast: Vince Vaughn, Joaquin Phoenix, Anne Heche
Director: Joseph Ruben