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In Theaters: February 5, 2016

R | Drama, Thriller


When married young lawyer Ben Cahill (Josh Duhamel) is contacted by ex-girlfriend Emily (Malin Akerman), he agrees to meet with her. She's dating a corrupt pharmaceutical executive (Anthony Hopkins) and has proof of the corruption. She gives him the proof when he promises to make sure it doesn't lead back to her.

He takes the info to his firm's senior partner (Al Pacino), who believes he has a good case. But when Emily is the victim of an apparent kidnap attempt and dead bodies suddenly pile up, Ben begins to realize he's in over his head.

Cast: Josh Duhamel, Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Alice Eve, Malin Akerman, Byung-hun Lee, Julia Stiles, Glen Powell
Director: Shintaro Shimosawa
Studio: Lionsgate Premiere
Producer(s): Ellen Wander
Writer(s): Adam Mason, Simon Boyes