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In Theaters: February 19, 1999

R | Comedy | 1h 27m


High school. A time of sweet innocence. Untainted youth. Goal-oriented teenagers. NOT! At fictional Reagan High School, these are the times of feeling awkward and discovering who you are while trying to fit in with everyone else. And belonging to a "clique" is a life or death matter, especially when that clique rules the school. Courtney Shane, Julie Freeman, Marcie Fox, and Liz Purr are all best friends. They are at the height of their popularity when an innocent birthday prank accidentally kills Liz, the sweetest member of the clique. During their panicked attempt to cover up the murder, the class nerd, Fern Mayo, stumbles upon them. In order to keep Fern quiet Courtney offers to make her popular, and the results are a dark, comical Faustian tale of corruption, redemption and makeover madness!
Cast: Julie Benz, Judy Greer, Carol Kane, Jeff Conaway, Rebecca Gayheart, Pam Grier, Rose McGowan, Charlotte Ayanna, P.J. Soles, William Katt, Chad Christ, Ethan Erickson
Director: Darren Stein
Producer(s): Lisa Tornell, Stacy Kramer