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The Summit of the Gods

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In Theaters: November 24, 2021

PG | Action, Animation | 1h 30m

The Summit of the Gods

Were George Mallory and his companion Andrew Irvine the first men to scale Everest on June 8th, 1924? Only the little Vestpocket Kodak camera they took with them might reveal the truth. In Kathmandu, 70 years later, a young Japanese reporter named Fukamachi Makoto recognizes the camera in the hands of the mysterious Habu Jôji, an outcast climber believed missing for years. Fukamachi enters a world of obsessive mountaineers hungry for impossible conquests on a journey that leads him, step by step, towards the summit of the gods.

Cast: Lazare Herson-Macarel, Eric Herson-Macarel, Damien Boisseau, Élisabeth Ventura, Kylian Rehlinger, François Dunoyer, Philippe Vincent, Gauthier Battoue
Producer(s): Didier Brunner, Jean-Charles Ostoréro, Stéphan Roelants
Writer(s): Patrick Imbert