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The Night

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In Theaters: January 29, 2021

Horror, Thriller | 1h 45m

The Night

A couple become trapped inside a hotel with their demons -- real and imagined -- until they can confront the secrets of their marriage.

Cast: Shahab Hosseini, Niousha Jafarian, Leah Oganyan, Kathreen Khavari, Elester Latham, George Maguire, Gia Mora, Michael Graham, Steph Martinez, Armin Mehr, Cara Fuqua
Director: Kourosh Ahari
Studio: IFC Midnight
Producer(s): Alex Bretow, Armin Amiri, Cheryl Staurulakis, Jeffrey Allard, Kourosh Ahari
Writer(s): Milad Jarmooz, Kourosh Ahari
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