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The Beaver Trilogy

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In Theaters: January 19, 2001

Documentary | 1h 23m

The Beaver Trilogy

While working as a news cameraman in 1979, Trent Harris was accosted in a Salt Lake City parking lot by a fellow named Groovin' Gary. The hammy, self-proclaimed "Rich Little of Beaver, Utah" offered up a slew of impersonations for Harris's bewildered camera, but the real gem came weeks later at a Beaver High School talent show when Gary donned a platinum wig and black leather pants and revealed himself to be none other than - Olivia Newton-John. As if Harris' documentary wasn't absurd enough on its own, over the next few years he filmed fictional supplements to remakes of the original, with a Spiccoli-era Sean Penn portraying 'Groovin' Larry' in Beaver Kid 2 and a young, already eccentric Crispin Glover as the protagonist in 1984 as The Orkly Kid. Only in recent years have the three films been touring as a whole, and the effect is astounding. Also starring Stefan Arngrim (Class of 1984), and the vastly underrated 80s fixture Elizabeth (E.G.) Daily.
Cast: Sean Penn, Elizabeth Daily, Crispin Glover, Stefan Arngrim, Lila Waters, John Bluto, Ken Butler, Shane McCabe
Director: Trent Harris
Producer(s): Elizabeth Grey Cloud
Writer(s): Trent Harris