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Sidewalk Stories

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In Theaters: November 8, 2013

Comedy | 1h 37m

Sidewalk Stories

African-American mime artist Charles Lane directed and starred in this ultra-low-budget film. Lane plays a Chaplinesque homeless individual with a talent for sidewalk chalk art, who finds himself caring for an abandoned baby. The child's father has been killed in a robbery, so Lane begins a long, lonely search for the kid's next of kin. What little dialogue there is comes from the mouths of the multitude of oddball characters with whom Lane comes in contact while he roams the streets of New York.
Cast: Edie Falco, Charles Lane, Trula Hoosier, Nicole Alysia, Sandye Wilson, Darnell Williams, Tanya Cunningham, Tom Hoover
Producer(s): Howard Brickner
Writer(s): Charles Lane