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In Theaters: July 23, 2021

On DVD/Blu-ray: February 15, 2022

Sci-Fi, Thriller | 1h 43m


Mankind's earliest settlers on the Martian frontier, llsa (Sofia Boutella) and Reza (Johnny Lee Miller), inhabit a desolate farmstead with their child Remmy (Brooklynn Prince and Nell Tiger Free). They work the land and shield their daughter from the dangers of the harsh surroundings.

When hostile intruders threaten to expel them from the compound the family is forced to fight to survive the cosmic elements and one another.

Cast: Sofia Boutella, Jonny Miller, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Nell Free
Director: Wyatt Rockefeller
Studio: RLJE Films
Producer(s): Johan Kruger, Joshua Horsfield, Julie Fabrizio
Writer(s): Wyatt Rockefeller