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Pretty Problems

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In Theaters: October 7, 2022

Comedy | 1h 46m

Pretty Problems

Low cash flow + Plan B jobs + a snooze alarm sex life: Jack and Lindsey Simpson are officially stuck. But when they get invited to a Sonoma Chateau by affluent strangers, they end up on the most unhinged weekend of their lives. With the "haves", anything goes -- including their bearings on reality. Can their relationship survive this new wild west of wealth? Do they even want it to?
Cast: Vanessa Chester, Britt Rentschler, Michael Tennant, J.J. Nolan, Graham Outerbridge, Alex Klein, Clayton Froning, Katarina Hughes, Amy Maghera
Director: Kestrin Pantera
Producer(s): Katya Alexander
Writer(s): Michael Tennant