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Playing With Beethoven

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In Theaters: November 26, 2021

Drama | 1h 20m

Playing With Beethoven

Classical piano student Josh, who rarely leaves the practice room, falls under the spell of a free-spirited beauty, Charlotte. On the day before a life-changing competition, Josh goes against his better judgement, and the wishes of his stern teacher Victor Zabov, and joins Charlotte for a night of music and adventure. Along the way, he meets Charlotte's sister Bryn, who is suspicious of Charlotte's motives. To further complicate matters, Josh's estranged father, Ted, shows up in town hoping to reconcile. Josh's experiences on the journey teach him that life, like music, is all about taking risks.
Cast: Kadeem Hardison, Clint Howard, Shannon Elizabeth, Aric Floyd, Naomi Druskic
Director: Jenn Page
Writer(s): Catherine Shefski, Jenn Page