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Plan A

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In Theaters: October 7, 2022

Thriller | 1h 49m

Plan A

In 1945 a group of young Holocaust survivors pledged to avenge the death of their families, friends and the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazi regime. Headed by the charismatic Abba Kovner they devised the biggest plan for Jewish revenge in history: to kill millions of Germans by poisoning their drinking water. Their dangerous and bold secret-operation was called - Plan A.
Cast: August Diehl, Oz Zehavi, Sylvia Hoeks, Michael Aloni, Nikolai Kinski, Ishai Golan, Milton Welsh, Yoel Rozenkier, Yehuda Almagor, Tim Wilde, Kai Baulitz, Eckhard Preuß
Director: Doran Paz, Yoav Paz
Producer(s): Minu Barati, Skady Lis
Writer(s): Doron Paz, Yoav Paz