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Our Ladies

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In Theaters: June 18, 2021

On DVD/Blu-ray: November 16, 2021

R | Comedy, Documentary | 1h 45m

Our Ladies

Our Ladies follows a group of Scottish schoolgirls on a day trip to Edinburgh to perform in a choir competition. For these teens from a small town in the Scottish Highlands, it becomes a chance to escape their daily lives and run riot in the big city. With few expectations for their futures, Orla (Tallulah Greive), Finnoula (Abigail Lawrie), Manda (Sally Messham), Kay (Eve Austin), Chell (Rona Morison) and Kylah (Marli Siu) are determined to live for every moment in this raucous tale of love, life and true friendship
Cast: Kate Dickie, Jack Greenlees, Tallulah Greive, Ross Anderson, Eve Austin, Chris Fulton, Tony Atherton, Myra McFadyen
Director: Michael Caton-Jones
Producer(s): Brian Coffey
Writer(s): Michael Caton-Jones