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Givers of Death

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In Theaters: August 5, 2022

R | Sci-Fi | 1h 37m

Givers of Death

Givers of Death is an apocalyptic tale of redemption. An incurable virus has wiped out one third of the world's population. Many infected commit suicide to end their agony. Those who cannot bring themselves to end their own lives hire professionals. This is the journey of a hitman's quest for peace as he navigates through a city on the brink of collapse, while on the run from a detective seeking revenge.
Cast: Jason Lee, Addison Henderson, Jonathan Sterritt, JJ Alfieri, Yvonne Lee, Frank Rossi, Josie DiVincenzo, Leah Lynette
Producer(s): Leah Cohen-Mays, Michael Cappuccino, Trent Boling
Writer(s): Addison Henderson