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Egoist (Egoisuto)

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In Theaters: April 19, 2024

Drama, Romance | 2h 0m

Egoist (Egoisuto)

Based on Makoto Takayama's semi-autobiographical novel, director Daishi Matsunaga's EGOIST is a uniquely sexy and heartfelt drama about family. Kosuke, a fashion magazine editor in his mid-30s, revels in the blessings of his comfortable lifestyle. When he hires Ryuta, a personal trainer, in order to get into shape, he gets more than he bargained for. The two fall in love, but when Kosuke discovers Ryuta secretly works as an escort to provide for himself and his mother, the two men strike a financial agreement. However, when tragedy strikes, Kosuke and Ryuta's mother grow closer and must confront a new future together.
Cast: Yuko Nakamura
Writer(s): Daishi Matsunaga, Kyôko Inukai