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In Theaters: March 24, 2023

Drama | 1h 52m


Set during the early onset in April 2020 when the whole world groped and dabbled to appraise how pernicious its footprint would be. Overwhelmed by ominously creeping fear of unbeknownst when instinct was the only defense, when the entire country was ordered to lock down for three weeks, thousands of daily wage earners from various cosmopolises embarked upon a walk back home from asphalt jungles on to asphalt beneath their blistering feet. It will be years before history deciphers if they had better options. In a fictitious suburb Tejpur in a fictitious state in India they hit a checkpoint set up under nationwide restrictions to travel as a preemptive measure to contain the spread of the most intractable virus known to mankind. The travelers were not prepared for this nor was the person in charge of the checkpoint. Surya Kumar Singh was on his first independent charge to manage this post. Suddenly this 100-meter-long traffic jam turned in to a microcosm of the most disparate, unalike and the largest such society in the world. Surya Kumar at the helm representing the order must transcend across his own personal history of feeling inadequate to fit in must protect the sanctity of the society that India is. The people that looked like a 'BHEED' must feel like a society. India must win.

Cast: Pankaj Kapur
Producer(s): Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar