The Neverending Story III Movie Poster

The Neverending Story III

Veena Sood

as Sales Lady No. 1

Nicole Parker

as Nasty No. 1

Freddie Jones

as Mr. Coreander/Old Man of Wandering Mountain

Kevin McNulty

as Barney

Mark Acheson

as Janitor

Moya Brady

as Urgl

Melody Kay

as Nicole

Carole Finn

as Mookie

Julie Cox

as The Empress

Tony Robinson

as Engywook

Thomas Petruo

as Large Head

Tracey Ellis

as Jane Bux

P. Dorval

as Nasty No. 2

Kaefan Shaw

as Bark Troll

Frederick Warder

as Mr. Rock Chewer - Felsenbeißer/Shopping Clerk

William Todd Jones

as Mrs. Rockchewer

Dave Forman

as Junior Rockchewer

Danu Anthony

as Samantha

Andrea Nemeth

as Rachel

Shirley Broderick

as Mrs. Coreander

Ruth Nichol

as Samantha's Mother

Alfonso Quijada

as Delivery Man

Ulli Kinalzik

as Eskimo Trapper

John "Bear" Curtis

as Lumberjack

Richard Newman

as Photographer