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The X-Files: The Movie

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User rating: 4.35

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User rating: May 23, 2008

Epic movie for X-Files fans and a great movie for those just looking for a mysterious, adventure-filled, mind stimulating, action film.

User rating: July 28, 2007

Gillian Anderson is so hot as Agent Dana Scully.

User rating: October 19, 2005

I Thought the movie was great. It was a terrific way to answer some of questions already asked and a great continuence from the final show of the 5th season into the 6th season.

User rating: April 24, 2004

I absolutely loved the movie, the only thing i didn`t like was the bee!!! anyway i hope that gillian, david an chris make more x- files movies soon..... if you hadn`t noticed it yet... I LOVEEE THE X- FILES!!! carolien from holland

User rating: April 11, 2004

I loved this movie All the actors did a fantastic job. I could not get anought of the action. I cant wait till The X Files 2 in out. Rob Bowman did a great job!

User rating: January 22, 2002

With the FBI in the midst of a "wartime reorganization," there`s one thing the bureau might want to upgrade: its IT arsenal. After all, this is an agency that relies on 5-year-old desktop computers, 56K modems, and, until recently, index cards.

User rating: December 23, 2001

For the time it took to make it .It was really well done. The Story line might have had more spy stuff in it though.. I loved it still